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'We reviewed the photos, they are awesome! Thanks so much for taking the pictures of the Veteran's Parade in New York. We are very grateful'.      United War Veterans Council (UWVC) of New York

'I want to say a BIG thank you! Your photos are beautiful!'    Harry Reeling, Mayor of Norwalk, Connecticut

“Alex is doing a great job and consistently delivers exceptional quality work at a very competitive price and extraordinary service. We really, really like it and it does not happen often, since we have very high standards of service at our organization.”     Rockrimmon Country Club

“The pictures are beautiful!”   Rabbi Stone, Schneerson Center, Chabad Lubavitch

“Alex, thank you so much! The pictures are beautiful!”  Benzion Laskin, Shabbaton, Lubavitch Youth Organization

“Your pictures are great! We spent two hours going over all 745 photos and had great difficulty making choices since you took so many wonderful photos! Thank you for all your efforts!”    Linda Forcelina, VP of WNA

“Your photos are wonderful! Thank you so much!”  Beth Woloff, Board Member  of NY Public School PS199

"Alex Rosenfeld volunteered to take pictures at the Holiday Party for the West Norwalk Association. His work was excellent and he was most cooperative and helpful with suggestions. We are delighted with the photos and intend to connect his link via our website and Facebook page to all the West Norwalk residents who might enjoy seeing these photos. All in all, we appreciate Alex’s contribution to our Association and would recommend him to other groups or individuals."   Gay Mac Leod, WNA Co-President

“There are two important things, which impressed me the most: The first one is the quality of photography. Every picture is technically perfect: light, shadows, sharpness, special effects. Just one look at these pictures leaves no doubts that they are made by highly experienced professional. But, as we know, perfect technique is not enough. Pictures become art when they have a soul. And that is exactly what we see in Alex’s work: In some miraculous way he managed to reflect the emotions of the play and every actor: laughter, tears, happiness and confusion. All our actors were amazed at how Alex could possibly catch that magic moment in everyone’s performance, when we were at our best, when our emotions were coming through.”    Alexander Donder, Actor, Russian American Theatre of New Haven, Connecticut

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